University of Tennessee IRIS Project


The state’s flagship and land-grant institution, the university is the oldest and largest public higher-education establishment in the state of Tennessee, United States.. Currently the statewide university system has about 42,000 students on campuses in Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Martin, and Tullahoma, as well as approximately 25,000 employees in counties across the state. It manages over $300 million in research and sponsored programs. Because our experience and expertise in SAP high education industry practice, Feng Enterprise Solutions was selected as consulting partner with SAP Public Sector for the implementation of SAP project at UT.

 We had led Payroll consulting team for

  • Help University of Tennessee HCM and Payroll team to configure Gross/Net Payroll, Time Management and CATS: Configure payroll schema as client’s requirements including:  gross payroll for salaried and hourly employee, overtime weight average rate calculation, shift premium,  tax and taxability models, State unemployment/workers comp rates,  student’s 9 months appointment,  calculation for employer retirement contribution,  Pre-tax deductions for 1042-S employees , distribute charges for staff benefits according to income sources, Common pay master, Off-Cycle activities, 3rd Party Remittance, garnishments, tax reporter, time evaluation schema for weekly overtime calculation , wage type and quota generation, check and direct deposit payment methods, Sapscript forms for payroll check and direct deposit advise
  • Build following solutions not supported through standard SAP functionality: Multiple positions and multiple funding sources for high education requirements (Infotype 9027); Enhanced 1042S taxability for pre-tax benefit deductions;  Benefit/FICA cost redistribution according to income sources; Effort certification for employees’ wage and benefit cost redistribution to new cost objects (Infotype 9030); Workflow and approval process for effort certification; Tax calculation simulation by calling BSI; Customer-specific  payroll/time management functions and operations; Master data and benefit user-exits.

The major achievement we did is that we developed Effort Certification System for UT to replace the paper-based forms with electronic ones. The forms are made accessible through the university’s Web site. System will prepopulate the forms with as much of the data as possible while allowing researchers the ability to make changes. System also provides e-mail notification of outstanding certifications. The result: certification went from happening once a semester to taking place once a month. The compliance rate improved dramatically. With better data accuracy, grant billings vastly improved and payment of salaries was timelier. Input keying was reduced, and consequently, accuracy improved even further. Outstanding certification reports were converted to electronic forms.