University of Nebraska – SAP Project

The University of Nebraska (UN) system with five campus and more than 50,000 students, was the first U.S. research university went live in year 2000.  But in early 1999, the project was in the mid of big failure for its HR and Payroll modules.  The major difficulty for the project was that The University of Nebraska , likes many high education clients in U.S., has its special industry-specific requirements. The requirements such as multiple assignments and funding sources, 1042-S non resident aliens tax, cost redistribution for university shared benefit contributions, etc, were not native delivered functionalities from SAP.  After one big consulting firm pulled out of project, Feng Enterprise Solutions, was selected by SAP to rescue the project because of its origin from SAP payroll development group and our unmatched knowledge and skills in both technical architect design and functional understanding of SAP U.S. payroll. Within 6 months, Feng Enterprise helped to build, customize and test those functionalities for University of Nebraska. The accomplishments demonstrated our ability to implement most challenging payroll project in U.S. that even big consulting firms were unable to do so.
On January 1, 2000,   The University of Nebraska went live successfully with payroll and all employees paid on time and no-errors. The University of Nebraska  also utilized newly developed SAP tax reporter to W-2 for its 20,000 plus employees and reconciled the tax for end year with W-2 and FI ledger.

For more detail on project. Please see the article from SAP at:

The University of Nebraska SAP Project- Success Payroll Implementation for Y2K