Michigan State University -EBSP Project


Quote from MSU Payroll Division Manager/Enterprise Business Systems Payroll Lead
Julianna Douches:

Michigan State University purchased the SAP software for Human Capital Management and Feng Enterprise was the leading consulting firm in Payroll. The Payroll team was responsible for delivering Payroll, SAP Finance, SAP Time and Labor, development of complex cost transfer and funding with imbedded grants and contracts customization, and workflow. MSU is a large employer (40,000 W-2s), that requires constant, complex and extensive configuration due to the eleven labor unions. MSU has a large international employee population, concurrent employment, HR forms, custom workflow, decentralized time entry, a very complicated negotiated benefits structure for retirement plans, and custom fringe benefit program. For conversion and implementation, the payroll team brought up a pristine payroll system.

Feng Enterprise’s knowledge of SAP for configuration of complex payroll requirements is exceptional. Not only does it possess exceptional technical and development skills but it has rare qualities in that it understands the functional business processes of Payroll and has extreme competency in the integration with Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Benefits, and SAP Finance. MSU is the beta site for the SAP Overpayments-CE functionality and Feng Enterprise was critical in resolving issues and guiding us through remediation, configuration and technical changes.
Feng Enterprise also has a specialty with more than 15 years of experience in development of the complicated custom funding logic for cost transfers. MSU brought up one of the most complex projects, using the latest technology and with all modules going live at the same time. Feng Enterprise was a tremendous and valuable resource. Its expertise, problem solving skills and experience provided the utmost support in our post go-live stages with break fixes, augmentation and in knowledge transfer. Feng Enterprise’s remediation experience is extensive andĀ its technical skills and use of sound judgment in mitigating crisis were extremely valuable. Feng Enterprise was a key element to our implementation success.