John Hopkins University – SAP Project

Johns Hopkins Institutions, comprising the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, Johns Hopkins University, and several other hospitals and institutions, is Maryland’s largest private employer, with more than 45,000 full-time staff. The Johns Hopkins Hospital has been rated as America’s number one hospital for 17 consecutive years, while the University is ranked first among US universities in receipt of federal research and development funds. After more than 130 years, Johns Hopkins remains a world leader in research with total grants  7,000+  and total grant value – 17.5 Billion. One of most important and challenging task for the SAP implementation is to build an integrated effort reporting system for employees who work on sponsored funds and paid from those funds.  According OMB Circular A-21, “Cost Principles for Educational Institutions”, employees are required to certify their effort against their salary distribution of payroll system.  Violation of the regulation can result in losing funding from federal governments.
Feng Enterprise Solutions was SAP partner and architect to builds labor distribution and effort report interface infotypes for high education:
• Custom infotype 9027 is base pay and labor distribution. It is to establish a user-friendly, custom infotype for payroll distribution to accommodate payroll data reporting and meet effort reporting requirements. This custom infotype combines 0008 and 0027 into a new infotype 9027, with behind-the-scenes updating of IT0008 and IT0027. It also offers an easy solution for distributing payroll by both percentage and dollar amounts and reviewing period distribution for lapses or overlaps in funding
• Z Transaction for payroll cost transfer with workflow incorporated. It’s a tool for departmental users to transfer payroll cost. Upend approver approves the transaction, it will update labor distribution and trigger payroll automatic calculation of new labor distribution. The middle layer infotype integrates with SAP infotype 9027 (base pay and labor distribution) and payroll cost postings. It also interfaces with 3rd party effort reporting system (Maximus) since they have same data format.

9027 and payroll cost transfer (E-form) was the key factor for the success of SAP implementation at Hopkins.  The Z9027 tool is of top transaction executed by users on campus. The enhancements by Feng Enterprise filled important gaps in SAP delivered functionality and greatly increased user satisfaction. 9027 and E-form enhancements was presented to ASUG conference by John Hopkins SAP team.