SAP HR Renewal is Here

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 SAP HR Renewal -A Program Delivering a Delightful User Experience  in with Superior functional Depth and Integration


Once again,  SAP delivered an answer for Workday’s superior design for user experience. Here is the highline: Redefined navigation, improved look and feel , introduction of Social Concepts(collaboration, feeds), and some Functional Enhancements.  If you need consulting service to implement HR Renewal, please contact us.



Here are the detail for HR renewal.

Redefined navigation helps you work more effectively and efficiently

Quick navigation: everything within a few clicks

  • Fast data entry: entry aids like cut, copy, paste, type ahead
  • Information organized, prioritized, better accessible to user
  • User friendly capabilities: search, save as draft




Consumer grade look and feel
Look and feel help boost visual appeal and overall satisfaction

  • Screens offer a modern appearance that is more attractive to the eye
  • Content more easily readable
  • Attention naturally falls on most important information


Introduction of social concepts

Collaboration and updates

  • Update concept to share information and obtain help
  • Feed concept to efficiently get the latest information
  • Profile concept to condense personal information

Functional enhancements

Enable things impossible before

  • Delegation and substitution allow managers to use their time more effectively
  • New reporting and analytics give managers unprecedented insight
  • Improved framework for pushing routine tasks to managers and employees



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