Time Recording and Approval using CATS

Time Recording and Approval using CATS Process Overview

The Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) is a multi-faceted tool for recording working times, absences, and other related tasks.  CATS is the recommended solution for time entry because it provides seamless integration with both the Personnel Time Management module and the Payroll module within SAP.  CATS will be the medium for all time data to enter SAP.  This will achieve best practices while empowering  institution to have a single source of all time data.

For many clients,  CATS’ primary role is to function as a completely integrated, continuous time sheet for both positive and negative time employees.  Positive pay, also called hourly, employees will require both attendances and absences to be entered in CATS.  Negative pay employees, also called salaried, will require only the input of absence information or exceptions to their planned working time.   In certain cases, other time card systems will remain in use to allow employees to clock in and clock out in their respective units.  These third party time systems will be interfaced to CATS providing a single point of record for all employees on campus in regards to employee master data, time data, and payroll information.

Time will be reported using various attendance types such as regular time, 2nd shift, or training and absence types such as vacation, sick, or personal.  Rules will be created to restrict the attendance and absence types to particular groups of employees based on their place within the Enterprise Structure. For employees at most of our clients, they  enter  their own absences in ESS and have  Time Entry Specialists report any additional attendance times that may result in additional pay through MSS.   Cost distribution information for positive employees are required for all hours reported at many high education clients and by custom enhancement, can be defaulted on the CATS screen to aid in the process. Payroll  uses this information to properly distribute employee costs.

The approval of time entries from CATS is  an automated process in SAP through the use of workflows.  To satisfy many clients’ multiple level approval requirements, customization of the standard, delivered workflow is needed because of its complex and unique need for at least two levels of time approvals.  Often two levels will not be enough to approve hours worked and absences taken because a supervisor, funding department representative, and contracts and grants representative sign off will be required.  When third party time systems are interfacing with CATS, it is assumed that time has been approved prior to being sent through the interface to SAP.

The Time Management Module offers many flexible reporting tools for timekeepers and managers.  The Time Leveling Report is an example of one of many helpful CATS reports.  Time leveling is used to detect any inconsistencies, such as employees recording too few, too many, or no hours, by comparing these entries to their targeted hours.  Furthermore, general reports are available to report on attendance and absence codes entered in the system as well as providing information regarding approvals.  Reports can be customized based on specific user preferences and downloaded from SAP into Microsoft Excel or other tools.