Time Quota Administration

Time Quota Administration Overview
Time Quota Administration is the creation, usage, and management of both attendance and absence quotas. SAP Time Evaluation will automatically generate and deplete quotas based on rules configured to meet each institution’s policies. Quotas will be monitored and adjusted in real time based on time data entered through CATS and other 3rd party time systems. This will streamline best practices by not relying on retroactive adjustments to enforce absence quota policy.

SAP provides a lot of flexibility in the administration of quotas. Multiple absence types can be linked to the same quota for specific tracking and reporting purposes. For example, regular sick leave and paid FMLA sick leave can be two separate absence codes but will deduct from one quota. This will allow users to report and monitor absences at a more detailed level. Certain absence codes can deduct from more than one quota in a sequential order if the prior quotas have been exhausted. In this case, an employee’s sick quota has been exhausted but they can still report sick time and the system will automatically deduct from their personal quota.

Quotas will be configured to follow rules based on personnel area, personnel subarea, employee group, and employee subgroup information. In addition to that information certain Personnel Administration actions and reasons executed by Human Resources or Benefits will trigger different quota activities. For example, employees on full worker’s compensation will continue to accrue quotas until an action has been executed to move them to a regular worker’s compensation state. This action will suspend the generation of quota accruals until further action is taken.

SAP provides a quota management tool executed by transaction PT50 call Quota Overview. This is a user friendly work space for Central Time Administrators to review employees’ quotas and complete other related tasks. Such tasks include, viewing detailed information about automatically generated quotas, the option of correcting quota entitlements manually, a simulated projection of future quota entitlements, and the ability to print an overview of the projected quota entitlements for employees. Even more information can be found using reports such as transaction PT_QTA10, Absence Quota Information. This report can display all relevant information regarding employees’ quotas including amount accrued, amount used, and amount remaining.

At many public sector clients, concurrent employment (CE) will introduce special rules in regards to the accrual and usage of quotas. Some high education clients require that quotas not be shared among assignments; therefore SAP will accrue quotas and exhaust them on the assignment level not the person level. This means in situations where an employee has more than one assignment, quotas earned on one assignment may not be used to take time off on their other assignment. In special cases due to certain Personnel Administration actions creating or removing additional assignments, quotas will be either paid out or transferred to other eligible active assignments. These processes are defined by each institution’s policies.

Through the use of ESS, all employees will have access to view their available quota balances. Quota balances and usage may be displayed on the employees’ remuneration statements if so dictated by  institution’s policy.