Time Master Data Maintenance

Time Master Data Maintenance

Time master data maintenance in SAP relates to the set of Infotypes to be maintained that are not transactional in nature.

The maintenance is triggered by events such as:

  • New      Hire
  • Organizational      Reassignment
  • Leave      of Absence
  • Work Schedule      changes
  • Full Time      Equivalency (FTE) changes

Depending on the nature of the update, the maintenance is performed by someone in a role defined for Human Resources, a Time Administrator, or a Payroll Administrator.

Activities related to Time Master Data updates include:

  • Maintain      Work Schedule (Planned Working Time) on Infotype 0007
  • Maintain      Overtime Equalization Opt-out  on Infotype      0007

The majority of Infotype 0007 maintenance will occur during the execution of a Personnel Administration action except when specific changes to planned working time are required or the employee is choosing to opt-out of the overtime equalization process.