SAP PBC – Annual Fiscal Year Encumbrance

On July 1st of every fiscal year salaries and fringe benefits will be encumbered for the 12 month period that makes up the new fiscal year.  In addition, an amount is calculated for encumbering vacant and on-hold positions.

As new grants are awarded, salaries and fringe will be encumbered for the entire period of funding (crossing fiscal years as required).

  • A batch job will be scheduled to create commitments in Funds Management and Grants Management to encumber employees’ salaries and fringe benefits.
  • The amounts to be encumbered for employees are calculated by running payroll (in simulation mode) for each employee for the entire year.
  • The amounts to be encumbered for vacant or on-hold positions are calculated based on the attributes attached to the position (labor distribution and pay scale data).  The program calculates an amount per period and annualizes that amount.
  • During the execution of this job three types of errors can occur:

Errors related to an employee’s HR master data (missing infotypes)

Errors related to financial objects (e.g., incorrect status for Internal Orders, locked Cost Center)

Errors related to the master data that makes up a vacant or on-hold position (missing infotypes)

  • Errors      will be fixed by the appropriate end users and automatically flagged for      selection in the next nightly PBC run (scheduled to run every night for      records changed during the course of the day).