SAP Payroll and FM Consulting – Position Budget Control (PBC)


Position Budget Control (PBC) is used to connect the budget available in Funds Management for personnel expenses to positions and persons in HR.

PBC provides the function of the automatic generation of personnel commitments through an event-controlled background process that:

  • Will be scheduled to run nightly to pick up flagged changes
  • Creates encumbrances for new positions or personnel that were designated for re-encumbering
  • Creates or changes existing encumbrances when changes to relevant infotypes (e.g. cost distribution or basic pay) occur
  • Infotypes relevant for PBC have been defined as follows:

0000 Personnel Actions

0001 Organizational Assignment

0014 Recurring Payments

0015 Additional Payments

0267 Additional Off-Cycle Payment

0724 Funding Status

1001 Relationships (holder relationship)

1005 Planned Compensation

1007 Vacancy

1008 Account Assignment Features

1018 Labor Distribution (Position)

1516 Funding Status

2002 Attendances

2010 Employee Remuneration Information

9027 Base Pay & Labor Distribution (IT0008 & 0027)

When changes occur that affect these infotypes:

  • The affected persons and their positions are automatically registered by the system and flagged for re-encumbering
  • The nightly commitment creation run will reconcile the personnel/position commitments with the changes
  • The system automatically determines the budgets that should be debited and credited with the personnel expenses based on cost distributions from the Organizational Management (infotype 1018) and Personnel Administration (infotype 9027)


The Administrator Workbench is a tool for editing commitment runs.

  • Tool for editing messages issued during the nightly commitment creation runs for the areas of responsibility (HR, Payroll, FM)
  • The administrator can change the area of responsibility for the workflows that were generated if they determine that the cause of an error in an object has to be processed by another person. The workflow object will appear in the workflow inbox of the person the administrator designates
  • The administrator can also create notes for individual objects if they want to give the person responsible any additional information



Organizational Management – Position Budgeting and Control uses the existing structures of Organizational Management (organizational units, positions, and persons).

Personnel Administration – The information in the HR master records forms the basis for determining the encumbrance requirement (wages and time-based distributions). All payroll relevant information from the HR master record is taken into account in the payroll simulation. The system automatically recognizes any changes to the funds commitment information and this leads to the person being re-encumbered.

Payroll – In the payroll simulation process, the system determines the commitment requirement of a person. This requirement is used as a basis for the creation of commitment documents. A very accurate prediction of the expected commitment requirements will be created because all the functions of real payroll will be used.  During the actual payroll run, commitment documents are created and saved in the payroll result. When the payroll results are posted to Funds Management, the actual amounts incurred are posted with reference to the commitment documents that were generated during commitment creation.

Funds Management – The commitment documents are posted directly in Funds Management under the functions that exist there, such as the active availability control.

Commitments are created in the following dimensions of Funds Management:

  • Fund
  • Funded Programs
  • FundsCenter
  • Commitment Item
  • Functional area

Grants Management – The commitment documents are posted directly in Grants Management under the functions that exist there, such as the active availability control.

Commitments are created in the following dimensions of Grants Management:

  • Fund
  • Grant
  • Sponsored Program
  • Sponsored Class
  • Grant Validity Dates

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