SAP Labor Distribution (Custom) Reports

This enhanced labor distribution report is needed to meet most universities and state and local governments’ requirements to provide departments with the means to reconcile employee salary and fringe benefit expenditures to financial accounts as well as to support effort reporting validation for restricted accounts as defined by federal A-21 guidelines.

The enhanced (Concurrent Employment enabled) labor distribution report should be available in downloadable file format on an ad hoc (real time) basis for departmental and central administration use.  Ability for users to use selection criteria to design a unique report layout using ALV (ABAP List Viewer) based on pay period, fiscal year, Personal ID (pulling all assignments), quarter, or any date parameter to review employee salary and fringe benefit payroll results is required.  Users can create a variant unique to their selection criteria that will be saved for future reporting.  Based on the users role at the University (defined in Organizational and position permissibility), different employee master data information will be accessible and different views will be created with separate t-codes (e.g. a college dean  would have access to all master data [including faculty and academic status detail] for employees in the college; whereas an accounting clerk would have access to minimum information to allow for account reconciliation only).    A “preformatted” report layout must be available at implementation for departments to use for account reconciliation.

The Overview Flow of Labor Distribution Report For Departments
Labor distribution report flow

Here is output sample for the report
report output