Labor Distribution (9027 infotype)

Most Universities require a user-friendly custom infotype (IT9027) which combines functionality for employee salary and funding sources into one infotytype.
Custom IT9027 is one of three major components for high education developed by Feng Enterprise.

The below list are major enhancements for high education:

  • IT 9027 – employee salary and funding sources combined in one infotype.
  • Z9027 transaction – decentralized transaction for departmental users to perform payroll cost transfers and salary/funding change vias workflow approval.
  • Effort Reporting

Standard SAP does not deliver an easy solution for distributing payroll charges by both percentage and dollar amounts to multiple funding sources (delivered IT0027 has only twelve funding lines, per salary record, available).
IT9027 will be created for base pay and for labor distribution when processing salary and hourly new hires, rehires, reassignments, summer school appointment calculations, terminations, and cost transfers. For hourly employees, payroll distribution will be defaulted into SAP CATS. IT9027 will be used to enter both sponsored and non-sponsored payroll cost distribution for employees.
Features of custom IT 9027:
1. Payroll will read exact dollar amounts alleviating rounding issues during payroll posting. Exact dollar amounts alleviate departmental calculation of percent of cost distribution.
2. Unlimited funding distribution lines are available per assignment and per salary change.
3. For the duration of each distribution line, cost account/fund and grant management logic will be validated.
4. Employee base salary and funding information can be extracted easily from IT9027 for budget preparation.
5. Funding sources can be entered for different validity periods per salary pay record.
6. Logic for deferred pay (AY faculty 9/12). Pay will be charged to grants during the 9-month AY appointment period while employees continue to receive pay over twelve months.
7. Logic for summer school: dates are within the defined summer school period(s); rate of pay derived from 6/30 ASAL; validation of summer school accounts

Labor distrbution enhancement -9027 infotype screen
Labor distrbution enhancement -9027 infotype

Comparison between IT 9027 enhancement and SAP delivery

IT9027 SAP standard
Employee’s salary and funding sources combined in one
infotype. This is to establish a
user-friendly, custom infotype for payroll distribution to accommodate
payroll data reporting and meet effort reporting requirements
Not available. Standard SAP does not offer an easy solution for distributing payroll
costs by percentage and dollar amounts. An end user is required to work
in multiple screens to do one employee’s salary distribution.
Labor Distribution allows for multiple line entries (up to 999 lines or more if needed). User is expected to enter the exact dollar amount for each line entry. Not available. SAP offers infotype 0027 for employee cost distribution, up to twelve lines maximum, by percent only. There is no wage type in infotype 0027 to link G/L account .
Incorporate university summer school payment rules to verify maximum amount paid for different employee groups and accounts. Not available.
Each line entry will include From/To date, cost assignment, wage type, dollar amount for time period. The cost percentage is automatically calculated for each labor distribution by period after the amount is entered. Not available.
When the total labor distribution amount entered is greater than the base pay, the system will give a warning message and the user has to recalculate the cost distribution before saving the record. Not available.
CATS is enhanced to read 9027 cost distribution for pre-population so that end-user can enter time on permissible accounts Not available.
Derive G/L account from employee’s attribute and wage type, to determine if the salary is permissible on some sponsored accounts. Not available.
Date Validation. User fills in beginning and end date within the validity date of IT9027. If dates are left blank, they are defaulted from IT9027. For sponsored funding, validation occurs from dates defined in the FI Fund Master. Not available.
Default Cost Distribution contains the organization unit cost assignment from IT1018. Every salaried employee will have a default departmental account, and all employees in an organizational unit will share the default departmental account. Not available.
Employee base salary and funding information can be extracted easily from 9027 for budget preparation. Difficult in standard SAP as data resides in different infotypes