SAP Concurrent Employment

What Is Concurrent Employment?
An employee is concurrently employed when:

The employee is simultaneously assigned to multiple positions, regardless of the type of position or hiring group/employee group with which each position is associated.

An employee is not concurrently employed when:
The employee is assigned to only one position;
The employee’s position is funded by multiple funding sources or entities (e.g., one faculty position funded by multiple funding sources).

In 2004, SAP introduced its Concurrent Employment (CE) functionality to accommodate the needs of institutions with employees who hold multiple positions. SAP CE is a functional and technical architecture that, when implemented, enables specific functions within various SAP HCM modules to support the maintenance and processing of an employee’s positions, benefits, time reporting, and payroll – all of which are subject to special handling when an employee is

Examples of Concurrent Employment in a Higher Education Environment
The following examples are consistent with scenarios that exist or are likely to exist at institutions with profiles similar to high education institution. The examples represent a subset of a broader set of scenarios that may arise from the organizational and employment-related conditions , and are not intended to be comprehensive.

  • Employee Holds Multiple Paying Positions – for example, a Professor may hold a 50% appointment in the Biochemistry Department and a 50% appointment in the Biology Department.
  • Employee Holds Multiple Paying and Non-Paying Positions – for example, a Development Officer in the Athletic Department’s Alumni and Advancement Office, a 100% allocation, may also hold a non-paying position as an Attendant for football special events and alumni programs.
  • Employee Holds a Combination of Benefits-Eligible and Non-Benefits-Eligible Positions – for example, a support staff HR Analyst may also hold a temporary position as a Ticket Taker in the Athletic Department.
  • A Student Holds Multiple Paying Positions – for example, a student works 10 hours a week for the university libraries and 10 hours a week in university food service.